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Our Sires & Dams

The sires & dams of our litters are a major part of our family.  They enjoy helping us with our daily chores around our ranch.  They love spending time with us whether we are going trail riding, checking fences, standing show goats, or traveling to horse shows with us.


AKC Rex’s Red Ford

This is Ford.  He is an outstanding Pembroke Welsh Corgi with Champion Bloodlines on both his sire and dam’s side.  Ford loves to play with our kids and he is great at the agility course.  He is very athletic and extremely intelligent.  Ford loves everyone he meets!  He sleeps at the foot of our daughter’s bed.  He produces high quality puppies.  Ford is DM Clear/ VWD1 Clear/ EIC Clear. 


AKC Bonnie's Rowdy’s Riata

Riata is the sweetest corgi we have. She is a red headed tri-color Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  She loves playing with the kids, watching the goats, and going on her daily walk.  She’s very well trained and produces outstanding high quality puppies.  She is AKC registered and DM Clear.  VWD/EIC not affected

Corgis in Texas

AKC Short Rein’s Smarty Girl

Smarty is a very intelligent corgi.  She knows a variety of tricks and loves our agility course.  She enjoys playing with the kids and going walking.  Smarty is always eager to be with us.  Her puppies are high quality.  She is AKC registered and not at risk for DM/VWD1/EIC 


AKC Tuffy’s Little Red

Little Red has the sweetest disposition. She adores the kids and is so eager to please.  She loves her daily walk and has just the right amount of energy to make the perfect corgi.   She is very well trained and stays right by our side wherever we go.  She is AKC registered and not at risk for DM/VWD1/EIC.  

Corgis in Texas

AKC Bonnie’s Sweet Southern Belle

Belle is the absolute best corgi.  She has the sweetest disposition and loves children and other dogs.  She enjoys traveling with us to horse shows and sleeps at the foot of our daughter’s bed.  She is great at the agility course and prefers being right with us wherever we are.  Belle’s puppies are some of the best we’ve raised.  Her puppies are high quality. She is AKC Registered and not at risk for DM/VWD/EIC.

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